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Our Herd


Our beef herd consists of Angus (Red & Black) and Hereford animals. We raise all animals from birth to ensure healthy animals and we provide a quality product to our customers.

Our animals graze pasture grass and cover crop mixes the entire growing season and are fed hay bales during the tough winter months, when grasses go dormant and are covered in snow.

We believe the environment correlates to the health of the animals. That's why we treat them humanely, and giving them a life where they can express their natural behaviors. We strive to keep our cattle grazing land at their leisure. This practice gives a low stress environment with limited impact on the broader habitat.

All animals are free of antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or animal by-products

Why Eat Pastured Beef?

- 500% more essential fatty acids that has indications of being

anti‐carcinogenic, anti‐diabetic and reducing heart disease.

- Promotes stronger immune system, increased bone density
- 400% more vitamin A ‐ A cancer fighter, necessary for bone
development and prevent􀆟on of skin disorders.
- 300% more vitamin E ‐ A potent an􀆟oxidant that lowers the risk of
heart disease and cancer.
- 75% more omega‐3. Another potent an􀆟‐cancer agent, essential for
brain function. It reduces blood pressure and lowers heart a􀆩ack risk.
- 78% more beta‐carotene. Another an􀆟oxidant

Source: Stockman Grass Farmer brochure, 2010.


What's for Dinner?


We are fully licensed and inspected by the county health department and sell individual cuts of meat along with bundles large and small.  Check out our shop for products currently in stock!



Purchasing of beef can be done in large quantities as well. We will coordinate on the time of year that best suits your needs and ensure you a quality products without hassel. 

-Whole : With the purchase of a whole animal you will have the choice of cut and processing selection for your meat. This will typically yield 480# of meat for your freezer. ​

-Half : With the purchase of a half you will have the choice of cut and processing selection for your meat. This will typically yield 235# of meat for your freezer.

-Split Half : Otherwise called a quarter,  With the purchase of a split half you will have the choice of cut and processing selection for your meat. This will typically yield 115# of meat for your freezer.

-50lb Sampler : Essentially a 1/8, this will give you the same cut ratios that a 1/4 would, just half the size. 

-25lb Griller Special : In this bundle you will get a variety of steaks, hamburger patties, roasts and ground hamburger.

We make it simple. When buying off the hanging animals, you make one payment to us and we cover the rest. (No need to make multiple payment to multiples places) We charge our beef at an all inclusive price. This allows you to understand you are getting a high quality, locally grown product for a fair and competitive price.

Delivery within a 50 mi radius of our farm is included in every order over 100 lbs.

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