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Sawmill Products

A 'box crib' or 'cribbing' are blocks used to build temporary wooden structures used to support heavy objects for construction, item relocation, pipe skids, vehicle rehab and equipment stabilization. It is commonly used to secure debris within collapsed buildings or even temporarily support for the buildings themselves. Our typical cribbing is cut out of oak and ash with sizes up to 12"x12".

Often equipment trailer decks take a beating from the cleats and tracks of heavy equipment. When the deck is worn out but the trailer frame is not it is a worthwhile investment to get the deck replaced. We cut a range of trailer plank sizes for small utility trailers, deck over trailers to low-boy out riggers. Our typical trailer material is cut out of oak and ash. We typically stock 2" or 8/4 planks up to 20' in length.

Northern white-cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is also known as eastern white-cedar, arborvitae, or swamp-cedar has heartwood is resistant to decay and subterranean termites extending it's usable life The name arborvitae or "tree of life" dates from the 16th century when the French explorer Cartier learned from the Indians how to use the tree's foliage to treat scurvy.

Drying of northern white-cedar is easy. It has little tendency to shrink or warp. The wood is easy to work with hand tools and has average machining qualities. It glues well, holds paint well, and stays in place with little dimensional change. 

Whether it's timber beams, dimensional lumber, or tongue and groove, let us provide cedar for your next project.

Kiln dried hardwoods can be used in many different indoor projects. We kiln dry most of our hardwood lumber to insure it is ready for your wood working needs for those indoor projects. We stock a range of North American species particular to the Wisconsin landscape. Ash to Walnut, and stock 5/4 (1.25")and 8/4 (2") thicknesses.

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