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Sawmill Services


We operate a Wood Mizer thin kerf saw that yields the most value out of each log and reduces the amount of waste.  We have ample supply of most softwoods and hardwoods and can cut to any desired specifications.  If you have your own logs you want cut, we would be more than happy to help.  We are able to cut 20' lengths.  


Green wood can take years to air dry.  In order to speed up the drying process, kiln drying can have the wood dried to proper moisture levels allowing for immediate use.  It is usually generalized that 1" of hardwood can take 1 year to dry down to atmospheric humidity, 12%-13%. There average indoor humidity is 6%-8%, which can only be met by kiln drying wood. This process can also prevent wood from cracking, checking and warping when brought inside. 

Drying services can be provided even if we did not mill your lumber on site. Typical cycles last 3-8 weeks depending on species and material size.


Wood straight from the sawmill will have a "rough" finish to it.  On some wood species this "rough look" is desired.  If you desire a more clean finish, we can run the wood through our planer and get the roughness out of the wood.

Whether your are looking to clear a non residential lot for a new home/shop, looking to clear a fence line, or looking to clear multiple acres we can help. Services included are clearing of standing timber, sorting and stacking logs and brush. We do not perform removal of stumps or brush

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